A high value-added solution must be more than just an e-paper


Have you ever imagined optimizing the time spent on inspections with intelligence and intuitiveness, and even increasing your productivity with safety, accuracy of information and with performance control and team activities?

The S3i software is a tool that adheres to operational routines using corporate mobility, ensuring traceability, intelligence and productivity for inspection, testing and auditing activities.

The only one in the market that audits the quality and effectiveness of all types of inspection in real time through its own methodology.

Traceability and Intelligence for IBM Maximo, Infor, Oracle JDE, SAP and Totvs

The S3i stands out with the possibility of integrating maintenance with all other information systems used in companies. It has an easy-to-use interface that allows the management of predictive maintenance and the transfer of information obtained from inspections to an ERP database. In this way, they are processed, generating new information that allows the decision to be taken on the need or not to repair the inspected equipment.

As it is an autonomous system, the S3i, when integrated with the management systems used by the company, allows greater control of the fulfillment of the activity, making the maintenance management system adopted by the companies even more robust.

S3i Software Exclusives

• Trackable and intelligent operation of inspections with peculiarities essential to asset management;

• Use of barcode, 2D or RFID as the inspector's positioner in relation to the parts of the Asset to be inspected;

• Use of smart catalogs to record and treat anomalies (FMEA) in the field;

• Use of time and movement control tools as a way to monitor the quality of inspections;

• Use of post-repair inspections as a way to validate the effectiveness of scheduled corrective maintenance;

• Use of a resource that allows the registration, treatment of failure and simultaneous closure of anomalies eliminated at the time of detection;

• Systemic assessments of the risk of failure (Perigometer) on each anomaly, using the concept of the GUT, thus allowing to filter those that should actually generate a Note / Order in the ERP / EAM

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