Inspection of Banks Batteries

Ensure your supply systems of emergency power (UPS) are in perfect condition.

The activities of preventive and predictive maintenance in banks of batteries carried by Pred Engineering aim to detect and eliminate hidden faults, and are determined by technical standards, which include the following activities:

- Visual inspection.
- Visual inspection internal.
- Analysis of physical chemistry of electrolyte.
- Dimensional Inspection.
- Test for watertightness.
- Capacity in ampere-hours, under nominal conditions.
- Ability to floating / buffer electrolyte.
- Capacity in ampere-hours, so different from the normal scheme.
- Power outage at the interconnections.
- Retention of charge (self-discharge).
- Durability of the discharge cycles.
- Internal resistance and short circuit current.
- Durability overload with voltage fluctuation and high temperature.
- Physico-chemical analysis of materials.
- Efficiency of recharge.
- Identification of polymeric materials.
- Revelation of residual stresses molding vessel.
- Flammability test.
- Loss of capacity after mechanical testing.
- Thermal cycling test.