Monitoring by Thermography

Pred Engenharia offers engineering solutions for the most diverse applications of support vision and process control

In the industry, many operational abnormalities or accidents could easily be avoided or mitigated their impacts if operations were viewed in real time and in full. Disadvantages such as low light, poor weather and adverse operating conditions make it difficult to see operations and therefore increase the likelihood of an accident or loss of control of a process.

Infrared thermography is the most reliable and accurate method for continuous monitoring of operations where temperature is one of the process variables. The thermographic cameras used by Pred Engenharia have continuous zoom lenses offering a unique solution for tracking and measuring temperatures at different distances. The zoom lens is fully controlled by expert software. The fixed thermography systems (SFT), provided by Pred Engenharia, are customized to meet the most diverse applications of systemic analysis and evaluation of quantitative and / or qualitative irregularities. Its application is present in processes related to the vision of support and in process control.


Support Vision

With emphasis on operational safety in equipment and processes, this type of application, classified as low-cost and high value-added, is essentially qualitative (thermal distribution) and enables real-time and integral supervision.







Process Control

The thermography applied to process control aims to ensure quality, productivity and / or safety. The applications are qualitative and also quantitative in real-time and integral operations.





Pred's solutions applied to process control are always accompanied by application engineering and specific tools. The SFT Portal is one such tool. It is an intelligent system for the supervision and monitoring of thermographic trends of equipment and processes in the most diverse industrial applications. The SFT Portal is fully configurable and able to work in the cloud.

Infrared thermography is the most reliable and accurate method for continuous monitoring of operations in locations with adverse viewing conditions.



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