S2I - Thermographic Inspection System

Increase by 40% occupancy rate PAID their equipment and personnel inspection by thermography.

For its investments in staff and equipment, thermography, have a profit / depreciation is necessary PAID an occupancy rate of approximately 160 hours / month. However, it is almost impossible when considered that the development, testing and issuing reports require on average 40% of the time UNPAID of the inspector, and that in this period, the equipment are also unproductive.

In the view of this opportunity to gain, Pred Engenharia developed the software . This is a cloud application that does not require investment in infrastructure, focused on planning and implementing web thermographic inspections and at the end of the inspection, the automatic issuing of reports to the client. In all of these steps involved in the process (inspector, analyst and client), are notified via e-mail.

Through the software thermography and management reports are issued immediately at the end of the inspection, thus able to perform the closing meeting of the inspection with the final reports have on hand.

The Pred Engenharia offers various types of software  licensing, among them the payment proportional to the rate of use.

The meets and even exceeds, the requirements of technical standards and recommendations:

ASTM-E-1934/99a - Standard guide for examining electrical and mechanical equipment with infrared thermography;

ABNT NBR 15424 - Non-destructive testing - Thermal Imaging - Terminology;

ABNT NBR 15572 - Non-destructive testing - Infrared Thermography - Guidelines for inspection of electrical and mechanical equipment;

MIL-HDBK-731 - Nondestructive testing methods of composite materials - Thermography,

Provides metrological traceability for quality audits (clause 7.6 of ISO 9001 - 2008).

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