Systematization of Maintenance

The rational systematization of maintenance can contribute to the reduction of 15 to 30% of its fixed/variable cost


After the wave of implementations of integrated management systems with an emphasis in accounting, as the ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning), it's time for maintenance to advance into a new way of integrating their assets by reducing costs and improving controls.


The problem becomes even greater in the case of large industries that have their maintenance costs as the critical point. Reducing these costs becomes a priority as the costs of maintaining assets represent 20% to 40% out of the total operating costs of these companies reaching, worldwide, about US$ 1 trillion a year. The good news is that this value can (and should) be reduced by about a third with the adoption of a good management of the operating assets, that starts from an implementation of a rational system deployment/maintenance management module


With 20 years of experience in this area, Pred Engenharia supports, through consults, the development and / or implementation of projects involving:


Registration of assets (physical and functional);


Creation / revision of service plans with emphasis on inspection and lubrication;


Mobile computing for operation and maintenance management, so that the solution is not limited to a simple e-paper. From the critical analysis of customer requirements, Pred Engenharia contributes in shaping the project, involving definition of the transmission technology, hardware definition, implementation of barcodes/2D/RFID strategy and integration with the SAP / PM, MAXIMO, MICROSIGA, among others;


Creation/revision of technical lists of spare parts and inventory strategy;


Rational leveling of the HR maintenance through accounting of time and motion of the teams and their training through the essential skills, using their own methodology. In this process, Pred Engenharia supports the client in the assessment of behavioral cultural/aspects, which must not be disregarded.


In case your need is support in the ERP migration or exchangement of its version, Pred Engenharia provides the service of preparing the master data from legacy to a new version and / or data structure.


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