Pred Engenharia celebrates its SGFFT Certification in Prodfor Event 20 years

Quality company certified by Prodfor since 2002

.The night of December 19 was a holiday for Pred Engenharia and another 26 companies, in the event of certification by the Integrated Program of Development and Qualification of Suppliers (Prodfor). Pred was one of the three companies certified in the Financial, Fiscal and Labor Management System (SGFFT), an exclusive system of Prodfor being unique in Brazil with a management vision for the Financial, Tax and Labor areas.

The great challenge for companies and also for Pred is' to balance finances, meet legal and tax requirements, manage people and ensure compliance with labor legislation. All this without losing sight of the true purpose of the company: its lucrative business' [removed from the site]. As such, Pred shared with Prodfor this important mission of improving its system and the management of its processes.

The implementation of SGFFT in Pred, which began in 2016, further improved financial controls, giving more security in decision making. With the level of control that the Company has today, it is possible to have a basis for negotiation with Customers in a precise and real-time manner. Therefore, the certificate is only the result of the excellent work performed by Pred's Methods and Finance sector, represented by the collaborators George Neves and Daniela Moraes.

One of Prodfor's goals is to make companies trustworthy in their business transactions. "In the end, the great beneficiaries of this certification process are our clients, who will be able to help them through the process. A matter common to all certifications is Ethics. This reflects the concern in every certification process in assuring our customers that Pred puts their own interests in the background and that customers are treated fairly and correctly, "says Ozório Rezende, director of Pred Engenharia.