S3i is the exclusive solution for the Manufacturing area at the Zebra Technologies Regional Partner Summit

Pred Engenharia was the specialist software provider in Manufacturing invited to present its S3i solution that uses traceable enterprise mobility for the processes of maintenance, operation, quality, environment, security and logistics, in the national event of Zebra Technologies.

The S3i already runs on mobile devices Zebra (which has consolidated brands like Motorola, Symbol and Psion) for more than 15 years, ensuring traceability and productivity in the operationalization of the operation and maintenance routines of the industry and service area.

Zebra operates in the market essentially through channels / resellers, of which there were the 100 largest in this event, which now offer to the market, in the Manufacturing segment, a complete solution involving devices, infrastructure, services and software specialist in the industry activities that it's S3i.

S3i, whose initial version is on the market at 20 years, is integrated with ERP as SAP at 15 years, but is also integrable with other platforms such as IBM Maximo, Infor, Oracle, Senior and Totvs, guaranteeing productivity gains of around 20 %.

The Regional Partner Summit focused on "Visionary Visibility," where Zebra makes companies so smart and connected. Zebra Android solutions are a standout within this vision, enabling companies to take full advantage of the up-to-date, user-friendly interface of the Android environment, with absolutely unprecedented and essential functionality in the corporate world, such as secure device usage in terms of restricting access to non- (touch-sensitive) technology, enabling a dedicated voice network as additional device functionality and a GPS for corporate to identify in real time the position of each device / user within the company.

Zebra. Global leader in the market and technology in mobile computers, barcode readers, wireless networks, RFID systems, identification / location systems and printers.