Get the full potential in their maintenance simple and structured way

Make sure that RBM® (Rice &Beans Maintenance) is, in fact, implemented before investing time and energy in RCM® (Reliability Centered Maintenance). We explain to you how.


Developed by Pred Engenharia, the MCI method brought an innovative perspective that, unlike other methods on the market, promotes the integration of the Maintenance value chain through clearly defined and auditable attributions and deliverables.


In the MCI model, preventive maintenance under condition and planned corrective maintenance are harmoniously integrated, in a closed cycle, and supported by an intelligent tool called PERIGOMETER ®. This tool, developed by Pred, assesses what should really go into maintenance schedules, balancing the resource. It is in this closed cycle that we are able to guarantee availability and predictability at the lowest possible cost, as we work with a minimum vision of 4 weeks ahead (S+4).



The phrase that governs the MCI methodology is “the simple is the maximum of sophistication”. That's because all the actions that support the method are simple. However, due to its structured and organized doctrine, it promotes solidity and predictability.



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